Guidelines for UFUND Participation

UFUND is American University’s crowdfunding platform providing fundraising and marketing support for AU programs and initiatives sponsored by key constituents of the university community. Our goal is to help you raise money for an important project or effort that will benefit AU students, faculty and staff through crowdfunding.


  • All faculty, staff and student organizations of American University are eligible to apply
  • The proposed project must support the mission, vision, values and goals articulated in the university’s strategic plan.
  • The project goal must be a maximum $10,000. If the total budget for the project exceeds $10,000, other sources of funding must be identified on the application form. Commitment from the other sources must be secured before submitting the proposal.
  • Funds raised must be directed to a fund administered through an existing university budget. Approval from the fund administrator must be obtained.


The UFUND Review Committee consists of staff from the Office of Development and Alumni Relations. Each application will be evaluated according to the same criteria:

  • The project will directly benefit AU students, faculty or staff.
  • The project has a base of volunteers willing to promote the program to their networks.
  • The project’s appeal with alumni and parents.
  • The degree to which the project supports the mission, vision, values, and goals in the strategic plan.
  • The justification or statement of the need for the project, including sustainability or impact.
  • The presentation and comprehensiveness of the proposal.
  • The appropriateness of the budgetary request.
  • Ability to assist with marketing as applicable.
  • Ability to provide additional stewardship of donors.

Funds raised must be used for the purpose(s) described in the application. Any changes to the original funding purpose must be discussed with the UFUND Review Committee. If a project does not reach its funding goal in the time allotted, the gifts will remain in the fund to be used towards an appropriate expense at the discretion of the vice president of development and alumni relations in consultation with the fund administrator.



Applications for inclusion on the university’s UFUND site are accepted through this link for the fall UFUND campaign and spring UFUND campaign. Projects may qualify for both fall and spring campaigns on a case-by-case basis. The fundraising campaign for each semester will run for 30 days. Extensions for the projects can be considered depending on the case of the project.

  • Fall semester campaign: November 1-30
    • Applications ideas must be submitted by October 1
    • Fundraising project materials (project description, photos, videos, etc.) must be submitted through platform by October 10 for review
  • Spring semester campaign: April 1-30
    • Application ideas must be submitted by March 1
    • Fundraising project materials (project description, photos, videos, etc.) must be submitted through platform by March 10 for review


Any AU faculty, staff or student can submit their idea on this site and include a campaign title, summary, and fundraising goal. Once it’s approved, you will be able to build the content for your crowdfunding page.

All projects proposed by the Office of Campus Life must be approved by Director of Administration and Budget and Director of Student Activities prior to application.

Please allow up to one week for review of your application. Once approved, project members should have a full project description, photos, and a brief video geared towards potential donors on why they should support your project and donate ready for the project page. These items are mandatory to launch a successful project. Prior to the crowdfunding project launch, project leaders should also have a marketing strategy that includes email and social media outreach and promotion to your supporters and community. The project page, marketing strategy, and contact list of supporters within your community should be ready for their fundraising project’s campaign kickoff on November 1 or April 1.

Apply now.